Top Software Affiliate Programs 2017-2018

The year 2016 has seen a large number of people living and breathing the internet. This number is set to increase even further in 2017 and 2018. So many people use the internet each day, for various activities including shopping, socializing, and researching.

Therefore, with 2017 coming closer, many people are getting interested in ways they can cash in on people’s love for the internet. There are many ways to do this, one of them being the use of software affiliate programs.

Affiliate networking, in crude terms, means that you promote and sell someone else’s product through your blog or website and then get a certain amount of commission in return. This is one of the top ways to earn, and has proven to be popular in 2016, as it not only helps your site’s visitors find things they didn’t even know they needed but also helps the network you’re affiliated with.

Seeing the rise in the trend of using top software affiliate programs to make money from one’s online presence in 2016, many of the networks have upped their game regarding what kind of remuneration they provide to the involved bloggers and webmasters. In order to help our readers choose the one that is best for them, we have come up with the top three software affiliate programs that are dominating in 2016, and will likely keep their top spots in 2017 as well.


mspy-affiliatePeople who are into spying on others’ phones may be well too aware of mSpy. This is a top tier software program in 2016, making it possible for you to track someone’s activities on their phones or computers. The software performs well on multiple platforms, and is being used by many employers to make sure their employees are working to the best of their abilities in the office.

If 2016 has seen an increase in people wishing to spy on others, rest assured that 2017 won’t be any different. You can affiliate yourself with mSpy’s program and start making money online fairly quickly, thanks to the software’s massive online presence. mSpy is one of the best choices that you can make for an affiliate software program due to its chances of dominating 2016, as well as 2017.

Joining a software affiliate program from mSpy, you will get the following advantages:

  • A higher sale average, up to $95.5, because of the number of people who are interested in the software and thanks to mSpy’s very streamlined marketing process.
  • A higher chance to earn money from customers who come back to your site and purchase the software, even if they didn’t before. This is because mSpy has cookies which last 120 days.
  • Lesser losses in your overall earnings due to the 1.5% average rate of refund.
  • Statistics about your sales and commissions in real-time, unlike other software affiliate programs.
  • Quick payments on a weekly basis.
  • A professional support team from mSpy to help you with any technical issues.

To top all these benefits off, the software also gives you more than 200, professional grade, promo tools to attract large numbers of customers. With so many benefits, mSpy is a very safe choice to make if you are looking for the top affiliate programs out there in year 2016 or even 2017.

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amazon_associatesGoing on into 2017, you should be sure of which software affiliate network you’re choosing as your top priority. Amazon, with its huge user base in 2016 which will only grow as 2017 draws near, is a very safe choice in this regard.

If your plan is to choose a top software affiliate for 2017, then you should be aware of the quirks that come with Amazon’s program. The most obvious one is that if you affiliate yourself with Amazon, you are in for variable amounts of commission. If you are successful in selling something that is fairly cheap, like books, then you will get much lesser percentage of commission as opposed to selling something expensive like a television. So the higher the cost of what you sell, the higher your percentage for the commission will be.

One really good thing about Amazon, though, is that they don’t wait around for a month, or even a week, to pay you. You will get a fair share within 24 hours of each sale.


shareasale_affiliatesShareASale is a top software affiliate program for those people who are looking to use their blogging skills to promote someone’s product and earn money in 2016, with a surety that the income wont’ stop in 2017. The program has made itself one of the top ones for bloggers to affiliate with purposes since its inception in 2000 by Brian Littleton, in Chicago.

There are reasons why ShareASale is the most used affiliate program for making money through advertising in 2016, and might remain so in 2017 as well. It brings many different types of software products and services to the table. These include hosting and marketing, as well as various others. The ever-popular WordPress and Studio Press frameworks are also part of ShareASale, which can be promoted very efficiently by bloggers using actionable links and even banner ads.


The top three software affiliate programs mentioned in this article are not only supported by their large numbers of users but are also highly recommended and rated by critics in 2016. You can look even further and find more such programs that are selling something that interests you, but these are some of the top ones there are at the moment and might remain so in 2017 as well.

With so many things happening every day on the internet in 2016, it makes sense to use it to your own advantage. Whether you are sitting at home taking a break from your job, or just want to earn a little extra on the side, promoting someone’s product and getting a percentage of money out of it is a very good option to consider. The process is simple, it pays well, and it pays quickly. Once you have set everything up, you just have to sit and do minimal amounts of effort to generate a steady income.

Many top software affiliate network programs need people to market their products and to sell them through different channels. The year 2016 has seen a rise in people who are buying things off of the internet, and the rise won’t stop in 2017 either. Joining a top affiliate program is, therefore, a great way to make some cash from the comfort of home.