Top Software Affiliate Programs 2017-2018

One of the best ways to monetize your website or blog is with affiliate marketing programs.

If you don’t have specific services or products to offer, this multi billion dollar industry might be your only way of turning your website into a fortune making success.

However, as with anything that brings success, it does take a little research to know what you need and what you’re actually looking for.

Choosing the right affiliate program for your business might be trickier than it seems.

If studied carefully and chosen wisely though, you’ll be turning your content rich website into a reliable business with the right program.

On pages of our website, we’ll show you the most effective affiliate programs to help you grow your business and exactly why they worth your consideration.

Top Affiliate Programs

#1 mSpy

First released in 2011, mSpy delivers some of the latest improvements and developments in tracking technology.

This innovative app is designed to be downloaded and installed on the target’s phone so you can easily monitor its incoming and outgoing communications such as text messages, browsing history, call history, media such as photos and videos as well as GPS locations.

Designed to be absolutely discreet, this app runs in the background and sends details that it records to your mSpy account.

mSpy has a top notch affiliate program that really stands out from the crowd.

They offer a 120 days to track the sale of your customer, allowing you to gain the commission even if a customer purchases much further down the road.

With a multi-tier revenue share system, affiliates can expect between 40% to 60% commissions with dedicated affiliate managers on hand to help guide and advise affiliates to meet greater goals.

The commission structure itself is divided into three tiers.

An entry level will get you 40% commission, while you’ll get 50% commission if you get 99 conversions.

If you hit more than 299 conversions, your commission gets increased to 60%.

As a new affiliate, you have even more incentive to join today.

There are rewards such as the Start Up Bonus for newcomers, Referral Bonus to encourage affiliates to bring in more fellow marketers and an Achievement Bonus for special achievements.

When it comes to payout options, you get a lot to choose from. Whether it’s Paypal, Wire Transfer, Skrill or WebMoney, partnering with mSpy does give you quite a few avenues to get paid.

To sum up, here’s why you should join mSpy as an affiliate:

120 days sales tracking so you get rewarded for every customer even months down the road

40% to 60% multi-tier commission structure

Multiple payout options

Start up Bonus for newcomers

Wide audience to target across the world

Over 250+ promotional tools to help you market the app

– Your very own dedicated affiliate manager


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#2 Amazon

Affiliate program that requires no formal introduction, you would have probably heard of Amazon Associates before.

Widely regarded as one of the biggest and most diverse programs, this is a pay-per-sale affiliate program that gives your website visitors millions of products to choose from.

With up to 300 million users, Amazon is certainly a company that most people would want to hop onboard with.

As we all know, Amazon sells almost anything and everything and this benefits you as there is bound to be something that will fit into your business’ niche category.

You’ll find that you won’t run out of products to promote and even if you somehow do, there are always shoulder niches to look into.

With Amazon Associates, the best thing is that you get to earn a commission off products your website visitors purchased that you did not even explicitly promote.

If you’re just getting started as a marketer, Amazon is a good bet as it converts well and is one of the best affiliate programs available at the moment.

Here’s why you should join Amazon as an affiliate:

Huge range of ads at your fingertips (eg. Mobile popovers, banners, text links, widgets, native shopping ads)

– Comprehensive dashboard with lots of informative reports to help you understand your business

– Lots of training documents and videos available since it’s such a popular and widely used program

Get paid for even items that you did not promote



#3 ShareASale

Launched in 2000, ShareASale is commonly known as an easy entry affiliate network for new online marketers to start their career with.

Boasting over 3900 merchants over a huge array of categories, the ShareASale database does consist a healthy mix of both smaller, boutique brand merchants as well as more well known and established merchants.

With so many categories and merchants, you won’t find it hard to find products that suit your niche.

Its simple and user friendly interface is commended by many affiliates while marketers also love the fact that it offers both Pay Per Sale as well as Pay Per Lead models.

Its informative reporting features are also a bonus and you’ll get access to a variety of tools to help you analyze your campaigns.

ShareASale is also known for its good support with staff who are happy to help guide you with a step by step when it comes to using their system.

You should join ShareASale as an affiliate because of:

– Its ever increasing base of 3900 and more merchants over a huge array of categories

Simple and easy to use interface with tools for your analysis

Great support staff

– Both Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale models available


If you’re looking for top affiliate programs who can present a wide array of merchants, products and categories, you won’t go wrong with these 3 options.

A good affiliate program will also provide you with a good variety of tools, marketing material and support to help you take your business to greater heights.

If you’re unsure of where to start, these 3 affiliate programs will certainly set you in the right direction.