Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

amazon_associatesAmazon’s Affiliate program (Amazon’s Associates) is among the best affiliate programs you can get.

It’s the oldest and has a wide range of products to market. The conversion rates are also high.

There was a time when Affiliate programs were dominated by Amazon Associates. Despite their wide range of products and conversion rates, many affiliates are drifting to Amazon Affiliate alternatives.

There are some few reasons they do that:

  • If as an affiliate you do not follow their terms and conditions/rules to the letter, your account will be banned and if you decide to use a different account later, that will also be barred.
  • The commissions on Amazon Affiliate programs is less , 4% – 8% per sale.

Hence you will need to make more sales for more profits which can be hectic somethings because not all affiliates can generate many sales. With other Amazon affiliate alternatives, they earn more.

  • Their payment option is limited.

If you are located in the USA – Amazon can directly deposit your earnings to your bank account which is great for USA affiliates. But, if you are located outside the USA, they send you a cheque (or an online gift certificate – as you choose). You have to wait until it arrives and clears. Moreover, cheque processing fee applies, and they can be significant if you are not earning much with Amazon. Some affiliate programs offer better payment options (like PayPal) for international affiliates

  • Moreover, Amazon Associates programs do not have a faster payment method.

As an affiliate you will have to wait for 60 days after the purchases to get your earnings which is long!

In addition, many other websites offer less (cheaper prices) for most products being sold on the Amazon websites hence why not be part of that other websites program as an alternative to earn more.

The Amazon Associate is a great program but with their limitations why not consider other alternative affiliate programs.


eBay Partner Network

ebay-partner-networkeBay is one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

One of the main advantages is the fact that many products sold there are shipped worldwide (sometimes for free). That’s really good if some of your website visitors are not from the USA.

Also, on eBay many generic products like headphones, cables, adapters etc. are cheap.

eBay pays publishers based on the traffic they send. The amount paid is based upon a percentage of eBay revenue (that can be actually pretty high).

Joining eBay Affiliate Program is really easy and only takes few minutes (apply here).

Make sure to read eBay’s Partner Network Agreement and Code of Conduct. Your application will be reviewed in few days and you’ll receive an e-mail regarding that.

If your website is well built and contains high-quality content you will probably get accepted without any problems.

Please refer to this page for more details

mSpy affiliate program

mSpy affiliate programmSpy is a world leading parental control application which allows parents to monitor the mobile activity of their children.

This helps them to make sure their children are safe wherever they are and not getting into any trouble.

They have millions of satisfied customers worldwide and their product is really a top notch.

Just imagine the volume of the market you get – child safety. How many parents are there around the globe and how many of them would like to be sure that their kids are safe? – MILLIONS! So you can imagine what you get from their affiliate program. You have a pretty awesome audience to target and taking into consideration that the product has a high quality, it will not be hard to promote it.

On top of that, their website is translated into 10 different languages so your audience is not limited.

They have tons of niche specific landing pages and banners that help you with the promoting of the application.

They have a Cookie life of 120 days! The commission rate is 40% – 60% on each sale! Depending on what you negotiate on. Further with Rebills of 20%-30%

Moreover, you do not need to wait 60 days or 30 days to get paid as some affiliate programs do. You get paid in a week, fortnightly or a month as you choose. It has a flexible payment method also, visa/master cards, wire transfer, PayPal, WebMoney etc.

Are you wondering how you can join? Just go to

Fill the forms and the affiliate managers will get back to you in within 24 hours.

BestBuy Affiliate Program

hand-thumbs-up-like-2-iconOn BestBuy’s website, you can find thousands of different products.

Their affiliate program commission rates are not as high as Amazon’s, but you can surely earn well with them as well.

Joining BestBuy Associates Program

You can join BestBuy’s Affiliate Program on Rakuten (Linkshare) . You can also get access to their API.

BestBuy Affiliate Commissions:

  • Up to 4%. Full details can be found on Rakuten (link above).

Contact BestBuy

Their affiliate team e-mail can be found here.


Zappos Associates Program

Zappos mostly sells clothing products and is owned by Amazon (keep in mind that their Associate’s program is separate from Amazon’s program). Considered to be one of the biggest online shoe stores online.

Zappos Affiliate Commissions is up to 18% (new customer).

You can join their affiliate program on

Banggood Affiliate Program

Banggood is a Chinese online store that sells tens of thousands of different products. They offer worldwide free shipping and super low prices.

Banggood Affiliate Commissions Up to 8%. Full details can be found on Rakuten

To join Banggood affiliate please contact them via [email protected]


The Amazon Affiliate program is a good one.

But why limit yourself of how much you can make while there are other alternative affiliate programs that can earn you more?

The options have been laid and the decision is yours.

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