Amazon Affiliate Program: How it Works And What You Should Know About It?

Despite the many existing affiliate market places in the world, many bloggers and big companies use the Amazon affiliate program to sell their products.

Amazon is a very popular online shop where not only books and music are sold but you can also buy electronics, cosmetics toys, tools etc.

Amazon runs an affiliate program which you can use to promote a variety of their products and earn a commission.

So there is no product that is related to the content of your website you can definitely find few books that somehow connect with topics of your pages.

Amazon affiliate program is regarded as one of the biggest market places in the world, it is a “pay-per-sale” affiliate program that gives your website visitors millions of products to choose from.

Amazon affiliate program runs different websites for UK, Germany, USA, Japan, France and Canada.

In this case, you will have to create an account with each amazon website according to the countries you are interested in targeting.

The commission for Amazon products begins at 4% and increases with the number of monthly sales. If you direct visitors to the Amazon website through your affiliate link, all the products that will be ordered within 24 hours would be credited to your account.

This therefore means that you will also get commissions for items that are not directly advertised on your site.

Amazon affiliate program, offers different links, widgets and banners to promote products. Product links are used to promote individual products you like to promote.

Banner links are used to promote predetermined category of products.

Links can be with image or text.

The greatest flexibility and customization offer widgets.

Widgets are interactive mini-applications that bring Amazon products to your website.

It is quite easy to add a widget to the website.

You just need to add few lines of code like for any other advertising program.

Widgets are used to display a few selected products in different ways; slideshow, product clouds, carousel, recommended products, omakase etc.

Product cloud and Omakase widgets display products that are related to the page content automatically.

This means Amazon will help you select products, you don’t have to select specific products.

Reasons why you should join Amazon affiliate program

1. The fast and Easy application process; The Amazon affiliate program is very easy to apply for. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the application and getting accepted is always very fast. Once you have applied and have been accepted, you start promoting products almost immediately.

2. The massive selection of products; Think of Amazon as a huge mall. Each time you send visitors to this huge mall, you get a commission on every item they buy from the mall. You have many options to choose from when selecting a product to promote. The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most trusted websites, so your customers feel very comfortable there. So Amazon affiliate program is designed to make customers feel safe and secure as they shop.

3. Commissions- Amazon provides a portfolio where you can choose products and services you want to promote and market as an online marketer, and earn a commission for every item a customer buys. As soon as you join this affiliate program and begin to explore the resources and training you will learn that so many people are earning very reasonable incomes using this system. And there is always room for new marketers.

4. Related item Technology; Amazon has invested millions in their related product technology. When checking out the website you will likely see they are constantly listing related products. With carefully crafted leaders like;

– if you like item y we also provide x

– would you like to take advantage of a discounted price by adding just $x more dollars to your order

– people who purchase item y also purchased item x

– enjoy free shipping by adding just $x dollars to your order

These suggestions and offers are tested and designed to increase the value per-visit of every Amazon shopper. The most important thing here is this technology works for you, and the affiliate as well. Amazon pays commission on all the items your customers purchased.

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