Best Tools and Resources for Website Ranking

With new technologies, sources and algorithms emerging every day, WebMasters are always struggling to stay updated.

The number of the product plus the quality of the content on the website available seems overwhelming.

The objective of creating a website that is quickly found can be difficult to achieve.

Unless WebMaster has an established brand, a huge marketing budget, and a great domain name, it’s crucial that the easily appear in the search engines through specific keywords.

In this article, I have combined some SEO tools and resources that will assist a WebMaster rank a particular site efficiently and faster.

Keyword Research

It all starts with the words that are typed into the search box.

Keyword research is one of the most critical, high return and valuable activities in the search marketing field.

Ranking for the proper keywords may build or destroy your website.

By conducting research for your market’s keyword demand, you can get more information on which phrases and terms to target with SEO and also your entire customers.

In fact, it is not all about getting more visitors on your website, but acquiring the right kind of visitors.

The importance of this intelligence can’t be overstated.

With an excellent Keyword research, it’s possible to predict shifts in demands, respond to the market conditions that are changing and provide the service, products, and the content which WebMasters are actively searching.

The following are some of the best keyword research tools which can help any WebMaster to research and get the right keyword for website content.


semrush logo

Many web developers have been looking for SEO tools that will allow them to track keyword ranking, do keyword research, check competitors rank, check backlinks, and of course, carry out the complete SEO audit of the various blog.

SEMrush is an updated keyword research tool which has a database of over 35 million keyword phrase plus keywords that are used by many WebMaster to drive traffic to websites.

The data represented by SEMrush is retrieved directly from Google’s organic search result and Google Adwords.

It is one of the most accurate tools for keyword research available currently in the SEO market.

The following are some of the services offered by

  • See the competitors organic position
  • Compare several sites together
  • Domain specific keyword ranking
  • Find excellent long tail keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Track many keyword metrics
  • Do the entire keyword research, among others.


LSIgraph is one of the latest free SEO tools on the market which enables you to produce Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

LSIgraph is by far the simplest tool that can be used by anyone, even with no experience or skills in SEO.

All you are required to do is to enter your target keyword, and it’ll produce the associated LSI keywords.

Therefore, the first thing that you are required to have is the targeting keyword. You can get keywords from as it’s easier for those people with little knowledge of finding keywords.

Latent Semantic Index is one of the best methods that WebMaster can use to attain a better search engine ranking.

It will keep your content safe from being labeled as spam.


The reason behind this is that you do not have to repeat similar words again and again which make your content to appear like it has been written for SEO purposes.

Using other phrases that are closely related to the main keyword will not only get linked to a plethora of other questions but also be delivering what is in the LSI keyword. is the best tool for all LSI keyphrases.


Keyword Shitter is a free and straightforward tool used for basic keyword research.

As its name explain, it is useful in understanding the keywords that are used for a future post on your website or blog.

It provides a log tail keywords that are related to the original or seed keywords you enter.

Keyword Shitter is very easy to use, and anybody can learn how to use it in a matter of seconds. You can use this tool to get more ideas related to an individual keyword or keywords.

The tool is free, and you will get access to the complete tool features right from the start.

You will are not required to pay or unlock anything to use the Pro version of Keyword Shitter.

In addition to churning out many search ideas for Bing, Google, and Yahoo, it goes a step further to provide you Key-phrase combination for different websites.

In facts, it’s a great tool to come up with long tail keyword ideas plus domain name combination.

Content Writing

If you are carrying out an online business through websites, no matter the type of business you have, then it’s crucial to take it to the top page of the search engines to boost its visibility.

Once your site appears on the first page of search engines, you can get more web traffic which enhances the popularity of your site.

For you to reap all the benefit of top notch sites, SEO copywriting may play a significant role.

Content writing is one of the most low-cost marketing methods that are capable of providing huge returns.

The following are the best tools where a WebMaster can get high-quality content for their websites.

It is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way for WebMaster to get content written for their websites.

In facts, various online platforms usually connects site owners searching for the top-notch content for their websites and freelance writer, but Iwriter certainly stands from the crowd.

The general user interface coupled with the wealth of writers plus the affordable prices makes this site one of the most sought-after of its type.

Another aspect that gives iWriter popular option amongst those WebMasters who require quality content promptly is the affordability.

It offers increased flexibility, and the client can be sure to receive the best value for his money.

The price of each article is directly proportional to some words, but rewrites cost relatively little.

An SEO is a complex practice that may require proper experience and training. On iWriter, there are thousands of experienced and skilled writers who can deliver a high-quality content.

Furthermore, the field of “special instructions” enables the requester to mention any important detail for the success of their projects.

Upwork is a leading freelance platform which connects a database of hundreds of freelance professionals with jobs all over the world.

The global platform is the best way for companies or individuals to find talented SEO freelancers.

It enables you to add a test, specifically on your project description, to find the most talented candidates who are interested in working on your project.

However, it’s wise to look at the qualifications and real skills of your freelancer candidates, but not just their hourly rate.

If you want faster SEO content, Upwork is a better option for you compared to many alternatives.

It has a free app that assists you to track time and also make sure that automatic weekly payments.

It also has a 24-hour customer support as well as customer feedback system that you can use to get top freelancers. It is little expensive because it takes only 10% fee from every payment.

Here, you will get great freelancers who will develop brilliant SEO contents for your website.

Backlinks Research

High-quality backlinks are a piece of Google’s algorithm and can be considered as factors that push a site to the top page of the search results.

Not all traffic for website originates from a search on Yahoo, Bing, Google or any other search engine.

Backlinks typically drive steady referral traffic on Autopilot.

Traffic generated from a referral is also a significant percentage of the entire traffic.

High-quality links on various websites with a lot of traffic will help your SEO and also drive the targeted traffic to your site around the clock.

Ahrefs provides the user with the largest index of live backlinks in the world.

The service offers individuals and businesses of all sizes with a robust and reliable checker SEO tool which gives detailed backlinks profiles for any website or URL.

It enables the users to see what sites link to a particular URL and how secure those backlinks are among others. With Ahrefs, you can get the best backlink checking platform in the market.

You can get a crystal clear profile of sites or URL, with just a few clicks.

You can also follow the growth of the backlinks and also monitor them over time. To quickly discover valuable data, you can deploy smart filters coupled with advanced reporting feature.

Ahrefs assist the WebMaster in digging deep into search traffic of their competitors using the Position Explorer tool.

You can easily see the competition of your keyword in the search engine plus the keywords your competitors are spending on their advertisement and also the marketing campaign.

High-quality content is still the king, and Ahrefs make sure that you are updated on what type of content is generating your overall income.

You will know which content is shared most because the site is linking to trending and popular content material.

Backlinks-GSA Search Engine Ranker

If you want your site to be on the top page of search engine and dominate it, you must do a lot of manual website optimization and also build many backlinks.

Website optimization is easy, but creating backlinks is somehow complicated.

However, things have changed with the GSA Search Engine Ranker.

The software can run endlessly and of course, build backlinks. It does not need any database of submission site, unlike many other SEO tools.

GSA Search Engine Ranker finds new sites for you and then automatically submit your website.

To ensure that the link exists, the software will verify site submissions and then see all the created backlinks having all attributes such as some incoming and outgoing links, the anchor text, and type of backlink.

In facts, you are not limited to submit only a single website at a time. It’s possible to define as many projects as you like and they will be presented simultaneously.

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