Choosing a WP Theme For Your Affiliate Blog

When it comes to creating an affiliate site, WordPress is one of your best options.

It allows you to choose a theme for your blog, and some affiliate themes are designed for the express purpose of making sales and bringing you some nice commissions.

Obviously, you want to make a good first impression on people who are visiting your page, which is another reason that you need a good theme for your WordPress site.

The longer people stay on your site (you want to have a low “bounce” rate), and the more impressed they are with the design of it, the more likely they are to convert.

To drive conversions, you should optimize your blog with the best affiliate WordPress theme you can find. In this article, we will look at some of the most important features to be on the lookout for when considering which theme you should buy.

Some General Information About Choosing a WordPress Theme

Here we’ll look at some important things to look at when considering a WordPress theme.

Obviously, you’re going to want a premium theme instead of a free one for a couple of reasons.

For one, the developers of premium themes usually provide ongoing support if you run into any problems and they offer updates.

Additionally, using a premium theme will help your website to stand out from the innumerable others which are using free themes.

Premium themes tend to be well-designed in general, making your website aesthetically-pleasing and therefore more likely to drive conversions.

When it comes to “aesthetically-pleasing”,¬†this is important because it will make people stay on your page and actually view your content and see what affiliate products or services you are offering.

We don’t all like to admit it, but there have certainly been occasions where we went to a site and immediately left just because it was so hideously-designed.

Well-designed WordPress themes should have a clean layout which makes the site very easy to navigate and makes the affiliate offerings draw a potential customer’s eye to them.

A good color scheme is important.

The design should also have pretty typography, as well as some nice images to make the page more visually interesting.

Besides making sure your WordPress affiliate site looks good and will draw in potential conversions, you want to make sure that the theme you choose allows you to enable specific plugins.

One of the most appealing factors about WordPress is the availability of a large variety of plugins.

When it comes to affiliate sites, you’ll want access to eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce.

Additionally, if you’re starting up a non-English language affiliate site or want to eventually make it multi-lingual, you’ll want to make sure that the theme you’re choosing includes access to translation plugins.

There are also specifically affiliate plugins available which come with a whole array of features to make your affiliate marketing life more simple.

For instance, some of them will allow you to view a list of all of your affiliates as well as viewing real-time data on clicks, conversions, etc.

As another example, if you’re running an Amazon Associates affiliate site from the United States, but a person from the United Kingdom clicks on one of your affiliate links, it will automatically redirect that person to the UK Amazon store.

Couple affiliate plugins with affiliate themes (which we’ll get to below) and your site will be optimized to result in the most amount of conversions possible.

Make Sure the Theme has been Developed by a Reputable Team

For a whole slew of reasons, it’s important to make sure that the theme you’re investing in has been developed by a well-regarded team or developer.

Good developers will adhere to good coding practices, whereas bad developers will not in order to increase sales or rush their product to market.

Bad coding can cause your WordPress site to have performance issues, for instance, slowing it down, which will certainly make people leave your site and not view the affiliate offers.

But if you don’t know much about what coding practices are good and which are bad, how can you choose a theme that’s been competently-developed?

The answer is twofold: for one, you should only purchase themes from WordPress theme shops that have a good reputation.

Some of these include ThemeForest, MyThemeShop, ElegantThemes, Themify, and StudioPress.

At one of these sites, you can find some of the best affiliate WordPress themes Secondly, you should check out reviews on certain developers or the particular theme you’re considering and make sure that the vast majority of people have not had problems.

Consider whether other, successful blogs or sites have used the theme you’re looking at.

Why You Should Choose an Affiliate Theme

As pointed out in the opening paragraph, there are WordPress themes that have been carefully developed for the single purpose of promoting affiliate offers.

You should certainly use one of these if you’re trying to build a successful affiliate site.

Some are available as part of multi-template theme clubs, so if you’re running multiple affiliate WordPress sites consider trying one of those out.

As an example of the features they provide that would be specific to affiliate sites, these themes allow you to publish very professional looking reviews.

These reviews will have all the useful inbuilt features, like the ability to rate products with stars, to do price comparisons, to compare the features of products, etc.

You can also add video and images to the reviews to make them even more informative to any potential customers.

Some affiliate themes will allow you to change the format of your site on the fly: for instance, you can choose an online shop format, a magazine layout, or a normal blog format.

When it comes to WordPress theme sites, customizability is of the utmost importance, so features like the ability to change format can be very useful.

They also often include important plugins which include some of the features we listed above, like tracking click-rates and sales. Some even include e-mail list building tools.

Different affiliate themes will run better than others, so make sure you’re getting a high-quality one.

Also, some look more professional than others, so choose accordingly.

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