eBay Affiliate Program: Facts, Details, Tips.

Anything that leads to success, takes research to know what you actually need and exactly what you are looking for.

At this research stage, looking into program options that will enable you monetize your website, eBay affiliate program is the best partner to choose.

Ebay partner network is eBay’s affiliate program that enables you monetize your websites, mobile apps, social pages by promoting high quality traffic to eBay. You earn commissions any time a customer clicks your link and buys any item on eBay within 24 hours.

For the first 3 months you earn double commissions.

Here are some reasons why you should join eBay affiliate program

  1. The straight-forward Application Process

ePN has made its application process very easy, we offer expedited online application that takes less than 5minutes to be complete.

We process your application quickly, and if you meet all ePN’s terms and conditions, the probability of your approval is very high.

  1. There are Seasonal and category-specific Bonuses and promotions.

Ebay runs seasonal and category-based promotions and deals regularly, giving you more financial motivations to drive high quality traffic and visitors with more reasons to make a purchase.

These promotions play a great role by attracting new eBay buyers, which will enable you earn that 200% new buyer bonus.

  1. Competitive Earnings

Epn has a simple and transparent earning model.

You earn a percentage of eBay revenue when you drive high quality traffic to eBay and when customers buy items on eBay. The more revenue your traffic generates for eBay the more money you will earn.

  1. Quick payments.

You don’t have to wait around for your earnings.

You can expect to get your payment from ePN on the 22nd of every month. The payment included your earnings from the previous month’s activities, and is paid out through PayPal or direct deposit as long as you have earned at least $25 in commissions that month.

  1. Solution for all levels.

If you run a social media-based business, a simple or complex shopping comparison, ePN has tools to assist you promote eBay listings so it fits your business model and skill level.

  1. Dedicated support and communication channels

How to get started

Start by applying to join our affiliate program, which takes less than 5 minutes to apply.

Anyone interested to become an eBay affiliate is encouraged to apply.

After you have been accepted into eBay’s affiliate program, you will have access to our Publisher Portal, which include buttons, text links, banners, our API and other tools you can add to your social page or website.

You are free to choose the tools that would work best with your technical knowledge, your goals, and your site’s look and feel, and also the ability to choose content that will appeal to your audience, by promoting items or categories that would attract your visitor’s interest.

Start earning money by referring buyers           

You will earn a percentage of eBay’s revenue by driving high quality traffic to an eBay site and the customers you referred complete a winning “Bid or Buy it now’ purchase.

The more revenue your traffic generates for eBay the more money you will earn.

You can earn more money with a 200% bonus by driving new and reactivated eBay buyers to purchase. You are free to choose your means of monthly payment either via PayPal or direct deposit.

We keep it transparent and simple by handling all reporting and tracking, and you are able to view your traffic and your earning details within our Publisher Portal at any time.

Build a partnership based on continuous improvement

We regard our affiliates as true business partners, and we improve our analysis tools, products and compensation constantly, enabling our program to be user friendly and ROI positive as possible for our partners.

Our most succeeding partners, focus continuously on creating a great overall user experience, using eBay listings to enhance already relevant site content.

The analysis and reports in our publisher portal will enable you analyze, measure, test and optimize your efforts as you go further

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