Interview with affiliate: $175 000 with 1 niche, 1 website, 1 product.

Building niche websites is a very common activity in affiliate marketing world.

But what results can one expect starting this journey? What is the limit and how long can it take?

The answer surely depends on many factors but there are always people that are “killing it”.

We sat down with one of these guys and asked him a couple of questions to motivate our readers a little and give some guidance what direction to look at.

So… Ladies and gentlemen… Meet Patrick.


Hi Patrick. Thanks for joining us for the interview.


Hi guys. No problem at all, my pleasure. I do not do interviews very often. So this is quite an interesting experience for me.


Can you tell our readers little more about yourself and what you do?


My name is Patrick. I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Nuremberg, Germany. I’m a full time affiliate marketer, working online and living a dot com life style, as it is popular to say nowadays.

How have you got into affiliate marketing space?



I’ve been in the industry for quite long already. To be exact – since 2008.

When I was a kid I was an absolute gaming freak. I spent literally days and nights playing games. Consoles were not so popular that time so I played on my PC. As a result I used to browse the web much as well searching for tips and tricks for my favorite games. Somehow I stumbled upon an ad saying “make money from your computer”))

You see, the story is pretty common ))

I never faced such things before and I was very excited, I really wanted to upgrade my computer to play games with maximum settings. Sure that ad was a scam. That job was the following – I had to register new accounts on different sites and watch ads. The minimum payout was $500 but as soon as I reached $300 they just stopped sending me more tasks, so I never saw that money. But it gave me an idea that it is possible to make money online and my desire to figure out HOW was increasing day by day.

I started spending less time playing and more time reading. Forums, blogs, everything that could give me at least one useful tip.

That was a time when I learnt about JohnChow, Shoemoney and other well known guys from affiliate marketing space. So this is how everything started. There were long years of learning, trying and failing.

And somewhere when I was 15, I started seeing first results. That time I was building niche sites and monetized them with Adsense. I was making a couple of grands which was a decent amount of money for a 15-18 year old. And I moved only further since then.


What about now? What is your favorite type of traffic and why?


My favorite type of traffic is SEO.

Not only it is the favorite one but also the only that I work with. I know some may say that it is long and unpredictable with all these Google “pets”, but if you know how to play it right, it can make very good amount of money.

I know lots of people running paid traffic – adwords, facebook, mediabuys but I’m not that type of guy, I better invest some time and get all the profits, then get results tomorrow but loose money testing.

In fact SEO does not take much time, maybe only at the beginning, when you build a website. But as soon as everything is set up, you just have to concentrate on quality back links and watch your positions grow.

On top of that when you build another website – you build an asset.

You can always sell it later if you feel like it. I have sold multiple websites on flippa when I had no time to watch over all of them.

What niche makes you more money at the moment?


I have websites in different niches. And every niche has it’s pros and cons.

Moreover, any niche can make you money.

The problem is – the wider and more popular the niche is – the harder it is. And vice versa – the smaller it is – the easier it is to rank and start getting results.

My favorite one is a software niche.

There is a wide range of products you can choose to promote from – monitoring software, antiviruses, utilities, video converters and much more.

I do not want to disclose much not to make myself a competition but I can say that I had pretty sufficient success with monitoring software. Competition is not so high as in antiviruses for example and if you know your stuff it is relatively easy to rank.


What type of offers do you mostly run?


I do CPS.

Software vendors pay high commissions, up to 70%  and lots of them have recurring commissions.

SEO traffic works really well with these type of offers as people already search for certain type of products or for a solution to their problem that can be solved with the product you promote.

It is not hard at all to convert such traffic with CPS offers. And you receive almost 50% from the sale. It fits for me.


What numbers do you make monthly?


oh man… I was expecting it.

I’m not a bragging guy at all and usually like to stay underground.

I would say I make enough to not be thinking about getting back to 9-5 job, enough to travel and cheer myself with some toys (like Play station with VR glasses), enough to live comfortable lifestyle and do not think about money.


But nevertheless, give our readers at least an idea. I guess this is what interests about 90% of the audience.


You are persistent lol.

OK, here are stats from one of my websites.

Will not show the exact website url, but these numbers are only with the top product that I promote


Wow… this is impressive. How many websites do you own?


In general right now I have 16. But this quantity always changes. I sell them sometimes, set up new.


How much time do you spend on websites?


I work full time most of the day.

The only difference between ordinary job and what I do is that I’m my own boss. I set my work hours and days off. I plan my time.

In general I spend a lot of time working, as without hustling you will not achieve anything. But I always take a couple days off to meet with friends and have fun.


What can you recommend to our readers?


Focus, set goals, work hard. You can not achieve outstanding results with average work ethics.

So take a product, setup website and do your thing.

Results will come.

5 thoughts on “Interview with affiliate: $175 000 with 1 niche, 1 website, 1 product.

  • March 29, 2017 at 10:53 PM

    How do I get started?

  • June 21, 2017 at 11:08 PM

    Maybe you could have asked him to give 1 tip to share with fellow affiliate marketers :p

    • July 26, 2017 at 1:59 PM

      The 1 most important tip is taking action. The more you try, the faster you fail, the more experience you have, the sooner you will reach success.

  • June 25, 2017 at 3:05 AM

    I call BS. That is REVENUE ($175k)… you need to account for the campaigns that are not profitable + the traffic money spent to get those conversions…

    80% of that revenue is TRAFFIC MONEY SPENT… and I’m not even talking about all those days with “bad” campaigns…

    • July 26, 2017 at 1:58 PM

      Please re-read the interview one more time -)


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