Link Building Strategies For 2017


Link building has increasingly become more popular in the last few years and continues to grow tremendously.

There are a number of different strategies you can use, and some that you should absolutely avoid.

There are certain techniques favored by all, and some that certain writers detest, but in the end, they all have their place and purpose and do have something valuable to offer.

The Skyscraper Technique

This is also known as link baiting and it’s important to ensure that the content you are linking too is valuable.

It’s important to uncover a problem that users have and then to provide a comprehensive resource to cover a specific topic or area.

It’s helpful to create longer more complete posts because they have a higher probability of being shared across the web.

This will help you become an authority and a site that is constantly visited.

Beginning to Create the Content

Websites like Reddit are perfect for finding the concept you want to elaborate on.

They have a variety of different topics and within the different categories, sub-categories are also provided.

You can take a handful of popular topics that are related and then turn them into headlines. Just because they came from a short list, doesn’t mean a brief article needs to be written.

Substantial articles can be created from these headlines.

From this point, you simply need to write the actual content, which for some is easier said than done.

It’s always important to know your strengths.

Normally, you should be aiming for at least 2,300 words to truly get the traction you desire.

Procurement of Links

Your first step should be to submit your post to the forum where you found the headlines.

This will provide you with some initial feedback and you will quickly be able to tell if you need to make slight changes or substantial ones.

Then, it is important to outreach.

You can do this in a number of ways, for example, you can find a community that looks at similar articles and then you can make contact.

You can use social media or e-mail to reach out, or you can try and contact website owners that you feel will be interested in the piece and try to showcase your work.

Blog Networks: Private

The Industry

When it comes to ranking sites, these have proven to be the most effective and most commonly used out there. They have grown substantially and gotten to the point where there is an entire sub-industry now.

The Growth

When you use a private blog network you have complete control of the site.

When you need to make a change, you will have the opportunity and you won’t need to worry about articles being classified incorrectly.

How to Get a Good Deal

Private blog networks are generally inexpensive and using free tools and programs can further cut costs.

There are a number of services that you can use including but not limited to Charles Floate and a more affordable option, Relentless Network

Back linking and Commenting

At the time this can feel daunting and a bit spammy. You may have moved past this, but it still has its place in link building.

Where to Comment


There are a lot of other search engines out there, but none will be as effective as using Google.

You can use different tactics to search for specific years that articles were written in and you can be as general or as specific as you’d like.

How to Comment

You need to craft your response carefully because you need the author to approve your comment.

You should use your best judgment when it comes to this.

Some writers can handle reading different opinions whereas others simply want to be told that you completely agree with every point they made.

Try and decide which will help you reach your goal.

The Waiting Game

After you have commented, you simply need to wait and see if it’s been approved.

It can help to keep a spreadsheet of all posts and as they are approved, check them off.

The Most Common Link Building Techniques

Guest building in the most commonly used technique and has been ever since Google adopted it.

You can write on someone else’s blog post, be careful though because Google has written that they do not approve of this.

You can also try and bring traffic to your site by allowing other to comment on it. You can use others’ blogs to create traffic and get an audience that you may never have found on your own.

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