How to get more traffic to your affiliate website in 2017

Are you struggling to get high-quality, targeted traffic to your affiliate website? If so, you’re not alone, as getting a constant stream of visitors (who’re truly interested in your site’s topic) each month is HARD. This is especially true at the beginning, though many affiliate marketers have fought for years to achieve this – with lackluster results. Unfortunately, providing great content on a regular basis simply isn’t enough, a truth that you may have learned the hard way. What is the solution?

According to Brian Dean, an internationally known SEO expert and successful online entrepreneur, you must publish the correct content for your niche. Though this may sound the same as generating excellent content, it’s actually quite different. To help you discover this unique approach and start getting the numbers you deserve, let’s delve into this and some other techniques to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate website in 2017.

Write With Influencers (Not Customers) In Mind.

On the face of it, this seems completely illogical and counterintuitive. After all, why in the world would you ignore what your customers want, and publish content that targets big-time influencers in your niche instead? Dean says that the answer is simple; your customers don’t have sites, blogs or a social media following in your chosen niche market. At this point a light bulb may be going off in your head, as you’ve probably never thought of this before in your life.

Yet, the reality is that to get significant traffic flowing to your site organically, you’ll need a lot of backlinks to and shares of your content. Not only that, to really jumpstart your traffic, you need some backlinks from medium to major authorities for your niche. To get these coveted links and shares, influencers will have to be impressed with what you have to say and how you choose to say it.

Do Some Research.

The best way to figure out what top influencers like, is to go look at what they are saying. If they’re all about well-researched and in-depth content, you’ll have a hard time enticing them to share your posts if they’re short summaries instead. You’re probably practiced at targeting what your customers want and are interested in, so you can put those marketing skills to good use.

Simply repurpose them and start aiming at influencers rather than your customers, and you should be able to significantly boost the number of backlinks you’re able to garnish. All of this advice comes from highly-respected (and successful) operator of Backlinko Brian Dean – so it could really pay to be open to changing your approach.

Don’t Forget Social Media.

In the grind to push new content to your site week in and week out, it can be easy to forget about social media. While many savvy affiliate marketers make good use of this medium to gain and retain customers, you may not be doing so. Or, perhaps you’re not doing enough or your posts aren’t being effective. Here’s some advice to potentially change all of that.

-Consider Going After Influencers.

Social media is a crowded space to be sure, and standing out can be a challenge. You can take the advice just covered above, and also craft social media posts that have a better-than-average chance of catching the eye of influencers. This may mean changing the topics you post about or whatever other changes your research into the tastes of influencers in your niche reveals. Keep in mind that this may be entirely different from the type of content you publish to get high-quality backlinks, as social media can be its own animal (but not always).

-Consider Being Entertaining.

Another tactic is to target influencers with your site content but customers with your social media, by creating a feed that they’d love to follow. Post funny content that still has something to do with your niche market. Or, you may have even more success just being hugely entertaining, with no thought to your niche topic in mind. This can allow you to build up a bigger following than you otherwise might, and then you can subtly add a bit of promotion into your posts or tweets at the end. Others have had great success building an infotainment social media channel or stream, such as sharing workouts, recipes or fashion tips.

-Consider Adding Promotions.

People love free stuff – that’s a proven fact. Use this to your advantage by offering limited-time promotions on your social media accounts. This can tempt customers to follow you, allowing you to keep in contact with them to build trust, loyalty and brand recognition.

When searching for techniques to get more traffic to your affiliate website in 2017, the above tips and advice may be able to help. Winning the battle to get a meaningful number of visitors (who’re inclined to buy) is often a formidable challenge. Luckily, by simply adjusting your approach and going after major influencers, you have a shot at getting top backlinks that can skyrocket your clout in Google’s eyes. High clout and high rank typically lead to what you’re truly after – more traffic and more sales in 2017.

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