How to Pick a Niche for Your Affiliate Website?

Are you searching for profitable niches that will continue to provide you with income for the long-term?

All too often, you may locate a niche that pays well for a while, only to find that your earnings drop off at some point in the future.

Or, you may be struggling to find a niche that pays at all, working hard to craft your affiliate site or sites – only to have nothing to show for your efforts.

Fortunately, there are some general guidelines that you can follow, to steer clear of unprofitable niches and head towards ones that will be worth your while.

According to many affiliate marketing experts, the best approach is to target needs that will never go away or passion projects (think hobbies or activities that have enthusiastic followings).

This is solid advice, because solving problems or helping people follow their passions will always, always be in demand.

In addition to these options, the Software as a Service (SaaS) market provides some powerful and unique advantages to you as an affiliate marketer which are often overlooked.

So, to show you how to pick a niche for your affiliate website, let’s delve into each of these options in a little more detail below.

The 3 Massive Juggernauts.

If you’re searching for evergreen markets to create a niche within, you can’t afford to ignore health, wealth and love.

After all, these are some of the strongest yearnings for most people and they will never go out of style.

People will always be interested in discovering how to make money, getting fit and energized or finding a partner that will make them blissfully happy.

The problem comes in determining where in these over-saturated markets you can create a niche site that performs well.

If you want to take on these behemoth markets and actually find an audience, you’ll have to have a few things on your side.

After all, if it were as easy as just writing a blog on romance and sprinkling a few links to affiliate products here and there, everyone would be a successful affiliate marketer.

The best advice here is to get laser focused on a small subsection – one that still has enough interest and demand to have earning potential.

A good way to discover if there is a consistent level of interest in your proposed niche, is to check it out on Google Trends.

Here you can type in a search term and see a graph showing the amount of people looking for this term on a weekly basis over the last five years.

If you see a steady level of searches over time, you probably have a winner.

Another option is to search for forums or even youtube videos on your proposed niche, to find out if this topic has an online community.

If it has a dedicated and vocal online presence, chances are that the demand is there for a niche site to be successful.

A good example would be people discussing taking cinnamon for diabetes or videos showing recipes for the paleo diet.

A word of caution: if you have a personal interest in the topic, but the demand isn’t there, steer clear.

You’ll only expend a lot of effort to find that you can’t get the numbers you need from a niche that has weak interest.

Passion Projects.

Also known as hobbies (some spouses might call them money pits), these are activities that people love, LOVE to do.

Though the vast majority don’t get paid a dime to engage in these pursuits, in fact they have to pay to play, they will continue to shell out good money year after year for the privilege.


Because it makes them feel alive, invigorated and challenged – meaning interest in these endeavors will have staying power.

As an affiliate marketer this is a good thing, as it means that your income won’t suddenly dry up overnight.

Examples of passion projects include things like golf, which is a $70 billion a year industry according to Forbes (1).

Other ideas include rock climbing, which requires a good deal of specialized gear (think dollar signs).

Scuba diving and snorkeling are other potential niches, with over 26 million people participating across the globe.

They spend a lot of money to do so, as according to the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA), these activities contribute $11 billion to the gross national product of just the U.S. alone every year (2).

Clearly, any passion project that has a large following, avid participants and lends itself to buying products to support it is an excellent focus for your niche site.

Software as a Service (SaaS).

When it comes to affiliate marketing, software-based products can be an extremely profitable choice. Why? With no physical product to manufacture, package and ship the margins are typically quite high. This often allows the company to pay you a very large percentage or commission for every sale, which can meaningfully impact your bottom line.

Yet, what software product should you spend your time and effort marketing? The answer lies in the smartphone revolution, which presents you with a unique opportunity. The use of smartphones is at an all-time high, with children of younger and younger ages now taking part in this trend. In the typical home today, you’ll see every member of the family glued to their smartphone all throughout the day. While they love being able to get in contact with their kids at any time, smartphone usage also creates a good deal of apprehension for many parents. After all, they don’t know what their child is looking at online or who they may be talking with.

Fortunately, mSpy has created a solution to this widespread problem (after all, smartphones are everywhere), which you can use as an opportunity to profit. How? Their affiliate program offers many advantages, such as:

-A very high average sale of $95.50

-A low refund rate of just 1.5%

– A long 120 day cookie life (so you get credit for those who purchase later)

-Weekly commission payouts (3).

With such a lucrative option like mSpy available, creating an affiliate site or blog around the topic of phone monitoring for parents or even cyber security for those with kids, has a great deal of potential.

In summary, whether you choose to pursue a niche in health, hobbies or software, looking for enough demand and a small enough subsection is key. In addition, you should shy away from niches that are of personal interest to you, but just don’t have the numbers to support any meaningful income. Bring your own passion to the table, be persistent and identify a topic with strong demand – and you’ll have the potential to create the profitable niche site that you’re after.

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