Best affiliate marketing program for bloggers

Blogs have been around for a while.

And since they appeared people wondered how they can monetize them.

There are plenty of methods to do this and we all know them very well – adsense, other smaller ppc networks, banners, pop ups and popunders, paid posts, native ads. These are just some that come to my mind right of the bat.

But as an experience shows affiliate marketing still stays one of the most lucrative and beneficial methods to make money from your blog.

If done right, you can make a fortune with affiliate marketing and your blog.

Of course it is very important to go for a right niche which will allow you to receive enough traffic and efficiently monetize it. I saw many people spend much time setting up blogs, writing quality content, optimizing a website for search engines, then promoting it and fail at the end just because they haven’t made their homework – their niche research.

If you choose a too narrow niche, chances are you will not receive the amount of traffic you are comfortable with even if you rank 1st for multiple keywords. On the other hand, if you target too broad I give you 99.9% that it will be extremely hard to rank for any interesting enough key word as general niches are filled with big sharks with content and seo teams behind them.

So… Is it still possible to find a niche that allows to get enough traffic and still not extremely competitive?

My answer is “Definitely yes”.

How to find your profitable niche?

It may take some time to come up with one but believe me if you do a deep quality research, results will not take long to gladden you.

In my case I spent just a few hours browsing the web to come up with a couple of niches and taking a look at their traffic and competition stats and found at least 2 that worth looking at. And I will share one of them with you right now.

This niche is a “mobile monitoring software”.

“Why this one?” – you may ask. Here is what my thinking process looked like while I was searching for it:

I need a product with a wide appeal. Not just that I can target many age groups, both male and female, but also that people all over the world may need this product or service so I can scale to other countries.

Mobile phones are devices that almost everyone in a developed world have nowadays. It is a really huge market. I wanted to find something that corresponds with mobile devices.

I’m not a big fan of physical products as they cause many side problems like fulfillment, delivery, warranty, etc. So I decide to look towards software.

I just typed in “mobile phone software” and found a website about mobile phone tracking software right on the first page.

I examined few keywords with some online seo services and saw that that was exactly what I was looking for:

  • Huge market and targeting possibility
  • Sufficient volume of traffic
  • Low enough competition so I can rank my blog pretty easily

So what do you need to do now when you decided what niche should you try.

The first thing I recommend is check your future competitors. Type in your keywords in Google, check what websites will you see. Use SEMRush to analyze them – what keywords they rank for, how many backlinks they have, etc. Having this information, you may come up with your own strategy to setup a blog, fill it with needed content and promoting it.

So… Now you have an idea what your future steps to success with your blog should be.

Now it is time to think how will you monetize it.

Speaking about monitoring software there are a number of products that you can promote on your blog. You may be confused at the start which one should you choose, but don’t waste your time trying to guess. Just analyze them.

How much traffic does the product website receives a month? The more – more chances the product is more popular than competitors. Check their prices – highly priced products will always be hard to sell, which means you will need to make more efforts promoting it. But at the same time cheap price labels may speak about the quality of a product – as a good software cannot cost like crap.

Check if they have an affiliate program. Most of them will, but some of them won’t. Compare their terms – payouts, payment terms, bonuses, tracking system, cookie life – everything. You need to see the whole picture before you start doing your thing.

Me personally, I decided to stick with

They have more traffic than any of their competitor, their prices are in the mid-range, their website looks awesome and their affiliate program exceeded my expectations – up to 60% for a first sale, up to 30% revenue share, weekly payments, advanced tracking and many-many more cookies that can make any affiliate happy.

I spent about two hours researching everything I have written above, and now I have a clear plan what niche should I choose, how should I build my blog and what is the best affiliate marketing program for it. It doesn’t take long, don’t procrastinate.

Now it is only up to you to take this information and implement what you have just read.

But this is not the end…

I would like to share one cute bonus which will help you understand a “monitoring software niche” more deeply. I have made a deep analysis of this niche and put everything I found in the PDF ebook. From this ebook you will learn why this niche is a perfect one to go for, what methods of promotion you need to pay your attention to, what affiliate programs are there and which is the best one and much more that will help you become a top affiliate and make a sweet amount of money.

Download the book right here.

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